DBMax Database Editor 2.7


Date Added:02 October, 2012



DBMax is a powerful database editor for xbase-files, with a lot of functions I missed befor. Main features: -Supports all important xbase-formats (DBase, FoxPro, Clipper, Comix etc.) and your own RDD's can be included also. -It is possible to open every file individually. -Drag and drop support to open groups of DBF files easy. -In collation-mode 'Clipper (Dos)' 30 nation-drivers are supported. -Easy converting of database format or OEM/ANSI mode, simply by changing database-structure.. -Easy Expression-Builder, which additionaly supports your own functions. For this feature you must create a DLL with the name DBMax.UDF. To do this you need CA Visual-Objects. A sample AEF-file is included. Additionaly expressions with fields from other open databases are supported. -Easy using Indexmanager, which allows you to do all your index operations at a central point. For example; with the CDX-RDD it is possible to open more than one indexfile per database at the same time. -Easy using Relationmanager, which allows you to create and change your relations at a central point. -A lot of status views, which informs you about database status. -Saving workareas. This feature allows you to save your current DBMax session with all open databases, indexes, relations, field selections, window sizes and positions. So it is easy for you to restore your hard work in a few seconds. -A large set of edit functions, which you get with one mouse click at a central point. All known scopes like FOR, WHILE, ALL, NEXT, REST are supported. -A tool for quick renaming field names is included. With this you can rename fieldnames in big database files in seconds.. -The function PACK supports packing of memo files. -DBMax has build in multilanguage support. Look here for currently supported languages. -Not so important for everybody, but I like it, DBMax works absolute flickerfree when resizing windows. -Support of Advantage Database Server - ADS (AXDBFCDX and AXDBFNTX) is included. -Checking/repairing of FTP-MEMO-Files.. -Comparing of two open DBF-Files. -Printing structure and/or contents of DBF-files. -Supports Windows XP-Styles. -Supports Fortress Database Server. -Supports registering your own RDD's. -Comfortable search function for index search, locate search and full text search. -Easy sort function for sorting a complete database in an individual order. -Memo field editor supports the RTF format.alternatively. -Configurable Toolbar. -New Toolbar elements for fast searching and fast order switching. -Importing of CSV files and other delimiter separated file formats. -Export from DBF to CSV.

Systems: Windows

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